My EOS story


Some youths cannot afford to be online because they cannot afford smartphones nor internet subscription. They are therefore effectively cut off from any hope of financial liberty that comes with the internet and blockchain technology.


  • Provide the youth with smartphones and teach them how they can use it to profit using the Karma app and other EOS based apps.
  • Engage the youths in a vlog educational challenge where they vlog about the things you want to teach them. Thereby turning the students into the teacher.
  • Empower the youths with technology, education, mentorship and community.
  • Incentivize empowered youths to empower their communities.


EOS can change the lives of people in Africa. It can bring a lot of financial and social liberty. But EOS technology is just technology, it is up to people to step up to the challenge, to empower themselves with knowledge and network and grab the prosperity that comes with technology. By the end of this 3 to 6 months EmpowermeEOS vlog challenge, ordinary people would have learned the basics of EOS and blockchain technology,and they would have gained some money via the Karma app (and other EOS based apps)and some knowledge on how to make more money. Their lives would, therefore, be improved and set on a path to financial freedom.

The Process

EmpowermeEOS students would be given a smartphone and taught about EOS for three to six months. During this period, they would make a daily vlog of the things they learn. Whenever they upload a video, they would be rewarded with karma tokens. So they get rewarded for learning. After the program, they would give back to their community by donating a smartphone to someone else and mentoring the person. Doing so creates a ripple effect.

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