There is no turning back when you start this EOS journey. It's like using a smartphone for the first time after a lifetime of using Nokia touch. EOS is the operating system of the future.

EOS applications provide users with more privacy, security, freedom, and access to a global payment network with zero fees. You also get a chance to take part in the ownership, decision making and profit sharing of these applications.

EOS is a blockchain of abundance, there are so many ways to earn money from EOS and also to make passive income.

There are many resources online that will give you an education about EOS but most people still don't get it. I've written this book drawing wisdom from many sources and putting it in a way that is simple and easy to understand for all readers. There is no need to spend countless hours making tedious research when you have a resource that simplifies everything for you in one book.

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Who is this Book for?

This book is for everyone who wants to learn about EOS, blockchains, and cryptocurrencies.

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With the help of this book, you’ll understand the following:

  • The basics of EOS.
  • How to get started on EOS.
  • How to make money by using EOS apps.
  • How to position yourself for the coming fourth industrial revolution. A world of cryptocurrencies.

This book also comes with personal coaching on anything related to the basics of EOS. We have a very vibrant community that is willing to guide you as you start your journey to the world of blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

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50% of the revenue from this book shall be used in sponsoring marginalised teens and youths into the EmpowermeEOS program.

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